Irish Canadian Cultural Association of NB


President: Bruce Driscoll

1st vice President: Jim Whalen

2nd Vice President: Denis Noel

Secretary: Gertrude Nowlan

Treasurer: Colleen Bidlake

Membership Chair: Pat Fradsham


[email protected]

The Capital Area Chapter includes the communities in York, Sunbury and Queens counties. We are very active in promoting awareness of Irish-New Brunswick culture and heritage in our area.

Irish History

The first three Bishops of the Diocese of Saint John were natives of Ireland



Fredericton: Thomas Carleton, born in County Tyrone, Ireland, a Colonel of the British 29th Regiment in the American Revolutionary War and appointed New Brunswick’s first Governor in 1784.



The Saint Patrick’s Society in St. John was founded in 1819 for “Gentlemen of Irish descent”. In its early years it provided financial and other assistance for new immigrants from Ireland. The original Society dissolved in the 1880s but was revived in 1929. The Presidency alternates between a Protestant and a Catholic each year.

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